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Rock Stars. . . Free Guitar Display offer!

Every third month, I'll be giving away a custom Shipyard, Ink. guitar display—ABSOLUTELY FREE!—to a musician that I loved while growing up, love currently, or as the case usually is, both.

I've only done two so far, but I'd love to make it a tradition.

I'll be including an infamous Shipyard, Ink. T-shirt. 


How do you know if you qualify? 


How would Beavis and Butthead feel about you? I have found this to be an amazingly accurate guage.

Bang Tango, Love/Hate, Kix, Warrant, Sleeze Beez, Crue, Poison, Steel Panther, AC/DC, Cinderella—freaking Tom Kiefer in particular, Salty Dog, Tesla, Atlanta Rhythm Section—In. . . In. . . In, baby!

I grew up with Kiss and Alice Cooper, moved happily through the Golden Age of Music (1985-1991) with Glam Rock, and then doubled-back after whiny grunge.

Dream recipients include Joe Walsh, Paul Stanley, Steve Vai, and Satchel.


What do I get out of this?

Happiness! I'd be thrilled with an autographed lp, or cd as well! That's it.


Interested? Go to my "Contact" page and send me an email!

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