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Prices and Purchasing

95% of the pieces I make are custom orders. Besides the T-Shirts, Toolboxes, Standard Coffee Tables and Clearance Items, we are going to need to correspond to figure out exactly what you'd like, and how much it will cost. 

Below, I will try to make this less of a mystery. 

Dining Tables- The only variables on these are the size, and leg-type. All images are free of charge. Let's get leg-type out of the way first. 

Tapered legs come standard. Trestle Base is an additional $100.

A 4' long table is $400. A 7' long table is $700, and a 10' is $1000.  

Desks- A 6' desk with two side-drawers, and one shallow center drawer is $800. Tapered legs come standard, Trestle Base is $100 extra and not available on desks smaller than 6'. Any image of your choice is free. Additional drawers are $90 extra. Fly display on back is $200 extra. Chair is $150 extra.

Commercial Furniture- It's all a variable! Please just send me an email, or text. We'll get it all ironed out quickly!

Guitar Displays-My standard Guitar Display comes with steel toggle switch for LED lights, Storage Box for picks, strings and capo,  Leather-wrapped, oak dowels to hang, and protect the guitar, any image that you'd like tattooed on, and old-school, cloth-wrapped power cord. 

The guitar display that I have just described costs $795, which includes shipping within the 48 contiguous states.

Displays for other instruments are available. Email, or text me, please.

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